Derrick Pedranti’s Recommended Golf Media

Listed below are Derrick Pedranti’s take on a few fun golf movies and books. Give them a try and enjoy!

Golf Movies

Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius

Despite its unfavorable reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Maybe some of the critics don’t play golf? All jokes aside, it’s a great period piece that covers Bobby Jones triumphant career but more importantly shows his character as a man. Ultimately this movie is about more than just golf — it’s about doing the right thing. There are some things more important than money and Bobby Jones proves it. Not to mention the cinematography is amazing. In fact, it was the first movie regarding the Royal and Ancient Golf Course at St. Andrews that was actually permitted to film on location.

Happy Gilmore

Yes, this is a goofball comedy about golf. But you shouldn’t take it seriously and hopefully the dopey characters and classic one-liners will make you laugh. Adam Sandler puts a new spin on golf and bucks the stuffy trend. Not necessarily everyone’s style but funny nonetheless. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself repeating a few of the one-liners with your buddies on the links.


Golf Books

A Good Walk Spoiled: Days and Nights on the PGA Tour

In this top bestseller, John Feinstein gives you a true insiders look at life on the PGA Tour. You’ll find out what goes on in the minds and hearts of professional golfers — from Davis Love III’s struggles with nerves to Paul Azinger’s triumph over cancer. You will also enjoy insider accounts of heroic wins and devastating losses by many famous pros you know and love. One lesson I learned from this book that golf is a fickle sport where one day you can win a major and be on top of the world while the next day you can sink into a slump and stay there for years. This book is one you’ll have a hard time putting down.


If at home on a rainy day, please consider Derrick Pedranti’s recommended golf media. Depending on your mood they are three good options to choose from. The movie “Happy Gilmore” is great if you want to relax your mind and enjoy a good laugh. “Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius” is inspirational and will motivate you to want to be a better person. Warning — at some points in this movie you might be holding back the tears. And “A Good Walk Spoiled” is very interesting and engaging. All of these are entertaining for a lazy afternoon or relaxing evening.